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"That part is much less expensive than I thought."...
Categories: Humor 
2469 days ago · From someone
There are several types of drilling oil rigs designed to work in a variety of locations, on certain kinds of wells, and differing environments.
Categories: Oilfield Products 
2469 days ago · From someone
Shopping in a clock store, I found a grandfather clock marked 25% off. It was exactly what I wanted, so I paid for it and had it delivered the next day.
Categories: Humor 
2469 days ago · From someone
Timely advice now that you are ready and prepared to go job hunting.
Categories: Career Advice Education 
2793 days ago · From admin
With just a few seconds to engage an attendee working a trade-show booth requires a special set of presentation skills. Here are a few tips to help you with your quick pitches.
Categories: Other Reference 
2797 days ago · From admin
Very few sales consultants understand the market. Focusing on your niche, this will help you to win a very high percentage of the business. Here are seven tips to help you.
Categories: Business Marketing 
2798 days ago · From admin
The oil and gas industry has many unique and varied employment opportunities.
Categories: Oil & Gas Jobs Reference 
2825 days ago · From admin