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How a Press Release can Exceed Pay per Click Results for Increased ROI

Pay per click advertising with Google has many advantages for business but did you know that you can actually get a better return on investment (ROI) with press releases. A new review proves that a press release can target your market and generate up to 20 times more traffic that a traditional PPC campaign.

(Note: the article originally published on Newswire.net)

As reported in newswire the study compared Press Releases against traditional Pay Per Click advertisements. Press Releases were shown to bring some 6 to 20+ times more readers than PPC campaigns.

Everyone knows the reason companies choose PPC is to increase brand awareness. With the same or less investment PR are showing that a company will receive a better ROI. Isn’t that the whole idea behind any marketing campaign?

The study went on to show how to advertise using news services as additional marketing channels. By getting more than a traditional PPC companies are offered increased visibility and more positive results.

Press Releases allow companies to feature compelling information for their target market. Press Releases are the ideal way to announce an event, introduce a new product or service or inform readers of a company milestone.

Releases for oil and gas companies could spotlight a new innovation, a new safety procedure or technique to decrease downtime. Such a product could be the 411oil.com mobile app that is designed for the Apple and Android app that allows users to quickly find company contact information, send video and pictures of problems or equipment that needs to be replaced or repaired.

The positive results a PR can have are numerous and far reaching.

It is important to note that a press release is not a “sales pitch.” It is a newsworthy message that informs your target audience of company news. So care is needed that it doesn’t cross the line from news to “sales pitch.”

It is important to incorporate keyword SEO to get your PR in front of your target audience. For example if your news is about a new tool for pipeline inspection you wouldn’t use keywords like: car, home or dog. You would use keywords that pertain to your tool like: pipeline inspection tool, pipeline tool or pipeline equipment.

We have onsite staff that can write the news article for you and input the proper keywords. If you have your own prepared PR we can edit it to incorporate the necessary keywords to ensure a successful launch of your release.

We want to ensure your success. Before being published, each PR submission is manually reviewed by senior editors. This guarantees the ‘news’ value of the releases, the integrity of the news service and guarantees the articles we place on news services such as Google are highly visible.

Once approved targeted and search engine optimized articles are released within minutes. Another benefit of the PR over PPC is the ability of PR to contain videos and pictures to increase their appeal.

In fact a number of case studies prove that a single news release can generate more traffic than a small businesses’ adwords budget. Therefore a company cannot ignore the power for ROI a PR can bring.

In two recent case studies, our press releases greatly out-performed PPC for clients using paid search. Press releases get 300 to 500 reads in a couple of days while targeting $5, $10 and $25 keywords. That is a lot of exposure, and for a fraction of the cost.

A press release can pay for itself in minutes as shown one case study where the PR appeared at the top of a news search for a $25 keyword.

Are you thinking, “Yeah but a press or news release is here today gone tomorrow?”

While true there are ways to keep it visible on page 1 with social promotion.

FACT: Once you are on the first page, it is easier to stay there than to get there. A news item can pay for itself the first day, and there’s no reason it can’t be kept on page 1 indefinitely. With 500 documented views in a few days, that seems to be true.

The facts speak for themselves examples:

PPC costs for small businesses start at about $6 per click for many local searches. 100 leads may be out of many businesses’ reach and 300 to 500 leads for the same cost or less is a much better bargain. One client has a $650 / month budget, averages about $6 per click and gets 100 – 110 clicks per month. A single press release costs less than that, but has generated 484 views so far in 1 week, or $2,900 worth of paid traffic.

A second client is in auto led generation. Pay per clicks costs start at $12 and runs over $30. His press release generated 550 views in 5 days. That is somewhere between $6,600 to over $16,000 worth of paid traffic.

If you would like to learn more about these case studies or would like to place your own press release please contact us 780-701-7282 or email us click here.