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How to Generate More Leads with Oilbp.com

It’s easier than you think to generate more leads with oilbp’s PR news service. Simply think about what’s new in your business. It could be a new product or service. A new employee, Maybe you’ve given out a promotion or received an award. All of these things are newsworthy. Oilbp will work with you to ensure your news is distributed to your target market to reach maximum results. 


Write = create a newsworthy PR

Sometimes you may think that your organization has nothing new to tell. The truth is there is probably a lot of news that you are overlooking. Such as new hours, products or services, a new firing, promotions and more. Sharing your news will help ensure that your company brand will be in front of potential customers.

Oilbp makes sharing your newsworthy information a snap. If you run into problems we have a FAQ page with lots of helpful advice. Still experiencing problems don’t worry simply click here to contact us

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Release = to a target market for maximum results

With our help your newsworthy release will be fully SEO optimized to bring maximum results. With optimized keywords, images and videos your PR will come to life. Our goal is to help your company release a professional informative PR that will help your company increase its visibility in the worldwide marketplace. An SEO optimized PR will help you receive higher positioning in the search engines. Higher positioning means more publicity and essentially more leads. If you need help with your PR – click here and let us know what we can do for you. 

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Report = learn how effective you PR is

At Oilbp.com we know that measuring the results of your PR is important to you. Working with you we will help you to maximize the potential of your news release. Our informative reports will show how many clicks your PR is getting, you will learn how many are recommending your PR through Facebook and Twitter or Google +. Plus our reports will give you additional information so you can learn what works the best for your business. 

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