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News Distribution to A Target Market

Oilbp offers news release services to the oil and gas industry. Working exclusively with the energy industry we understand your needs. Your news if released to Google News as well as leading newswire services, journalists, bloggers, Oilfield Directory and 411oil members and other oil and gas professionals and potential customers.

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Reach Your Target from Local to Global

Whether your business caters to local, national or international markets we understand the audience you are trying to reach. We work with you to ensure that your message reaches those who matter most. Oilbp has a package to suit your needs. Click here for more information.

Choose a package that meets your company needs

SEO News Release for the Web

Once your PR is released we don’t just allow it to disappear forever. Your SEO for the web PR will still receive recognition on search engines such as Google, Oilfield Directory, 411oil, Yahoo and Bing.  By adding keywor ds and targeted links to your news you will discover an opportunity to generate more leads.

Oil and Gas industry News Delivery and Sharing

Spread the Word Quickly with Social Media

Oilbp professionals know how to spread your message across the social networks for increased exposure.  Working with top level media outlets like Facebook and Twitter it doesn’t take long to get the word out. We strive to get a great buzz going within minutes of release.

Increased Exposure to Potential Leads


Wider Reach with High Ranking Media Outlets

When you are seeking to get your message out you want the widest coverage possible. Oilbp works with oil and gas companies so they understand your special needs. We have a reputation of getting seen on Google news in high ranking positions. Whether you want local or global coverage we have a package that will suit you. We help build brand recognition, generate leads and increased profits.

Release to Major News outlets like Google, Yahoo and Bing 


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  • Job opportunities
  • New safety program

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