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Reports & Analysis

We've put out your press release now you want to see how it's doing. No problem we have a variety of reports that will enable you to determine the publicity that it is recieving. 

Tracking Your Progress
Learning how well your PR is doing has never been easier. We do all the work for you and simply forward you the information. You will learn how many people have viewed your release, recommended it , shared it and more.
Measuring Your Success
It easy to see how successful your press release campaign is going with our advanced analytics. We work with you to find the key to success. Rather than loading you down with a bunch of useless data we provide the information that matters most such as impressions, shares, traffic and reader ship.
Click Thru Impressions
Learn how effective your PR Headline is? Is it getting Impressions or is it failing. One of the benefits with Oilbp is that we can tweak some of the information such as the headline once the PR is already released.  A bolder headline may just do the trick to send your PR viral.
How Many are Reading My PR?
Would you like to know how many times your PR is read each day? This data is invaluable to oil and gas companies.  This will allow you to gauge reads to increase website flow.A sudden spike in web activity will confirm that your PR is taking off.
How Engaging is My PR
I know my PR headline is effective and I learned how many impressions my PR is getting but can I see who actually read the release versus just clicking and closing it? Yes, Oilbp allows you to learn how engaging your PR really is with a timely report.
Media Distribution
Learn where your PR has been released. Contact news outlet journalists and reporters to see if they have received and reviewed your newsworthy release. Ask if they would like to include it in articles or stories they may be working on.
How Do They Find Me?
  It can really boost marketing campaigns when you understand where people are finding your news. This report will show you the search engines people are searching through to find your PR? By using SEO routines we can help you get better placement on search engines so that you enjoy better exposure. 

If you would like more information please contact us.


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