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Unleash the Excitement with Press Releases

Creating an online  press release will increase awareness and generate leads. Reaching your target market has never been easier. We have the tools and and experitise to ensure your news is placed on Google news as welll as leading newswire services, sent to journalists and bloggers.

Easy to Use

With our easy questionaire, simply fill in the blanks.  We know you are outstanding in your field so your PR will come to life in no time at all. Follow our guidance will you achieve success from the attention grabbing headline to the well informed newsworthy topic we will help you along the way.

  • How to write Attention Grabbing Headlines
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  • The Benefits of Links, Images and Video
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  • Knowing the Proper Length of a Press Release
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Here is a sample PR - Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline


SEO for Beginners

SEO means search engine optimization. SEO uses keywords to help people who are searching the web find you. So in other words if you sell drilling tools they simply enter the term drilling tools into a search engine like Google  or a niche directory search engine for oil and gas companies like oilfielddirectory.com or 411oil.com and they will find you.  When you are in the process of creating a press release SEO has to be considered so that you reach your target market. There would be no point using keywords like flowers or restaurants when you are trying to promote drilling tools.

When you work with oilbp.com we help to ensure that you have the proper SEO keywords that will maximize your press releases potential. Our experience working with oil and gas companies plus our unique tools enable us to deliver amazing results.

SEO optimization for maximum results.


Unique Web Link

The benefit of a unique web link or URL will increase you SEO results. For example, if you are selling drilling tools have the keyword string in your web url.

Ex. abc-drilling.com/News/drilling_tools

When you take the time to align your news release with one or two keywords about your business, products or services this will distinguish your news release ahead of your competitors.

Increase your one visibility with higher search engine results. 


Multimedia Powerhouse

Who hasn’t heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. The digital world allows a treasure trove of multimedia options. From links, images, video, podcasts - multimedia interaction plays an important role in powering up the effectiveness of your news release. We will help you to embed multimedia into your news release. 

Gain Attention by Sharing with Your Audience


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PR increases visibility and generates leads

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