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Keep Your Business in the Forefront

Reaching your target audience is vital for your business to succeed. In the past businesses had to rely solely on print publications. The good news is PRINT IS DEAD and the internet has taken over. The explosion in smart phone technology is helping large and small business in the marketplace. The internet provides an additional benefit for small business in that it is an equalizer that gives small budgets an opportunity to get their message before thousands in a cost effective way. Oilbp provides PR services second to none. We can help small to medium oil and gas companies get number one recognition of Google news as well as leading newswire services, blogs and journalist news source outlets. 

Attracting Your Target Market

  • PR’s enable you to provide company information in a newsworthy way.
  • Economical plans to meet any budget.
  • Promote your company products and services.
  • Target either local or global markets.
  • SEO optimized PR – words that matter most.
  • More cost effective than Pay per Click campaigns.
  • Reports and data analyzed to increase prospects.

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