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PR Coverage

PR Coverage - Getting Syndication

Journalists And Bloggers can Help Maximize Media Coverage 

Oilbp knows that the ultimate goal for any PR is to get syndication. A well written informative news release is just want many journalist and bloggers are looking for. Once your PR is released it is sent out to Google News, top newswire services, journalists and bloggers. Oilbp reaches thousands of news source providers. These sources are always looking for quality leads and may help spread your message. Our span of contacts will help to increase your coverage as well as lead generation and ultimately ROI.

Advantages of Increased Exposure

  • Secure added media coverage by reaching more media contacts.
  • Spread the word rapidly by integrating social media through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Quickly appear in search engine results at sites like Google News, Yahoo! News, and others
  • Expand your by reach to Google News, newswire services, journalists and bloggers.
  • Your news is permanently hosted on Oilbp.com and the global oil and gas news release service.
  • New customer acquisition made easier with a PR enhance marketing plan 

More Information


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Catchy Press Release Headlines

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Achieve SEO Success with a Marketing and PR Program

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How to Increase Exposure with a Press Release

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Advantages of Syndication

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Oil and gas companies find that Oilbp provides a trusted source to get their news out. Working in conjunction with Oilfield Directory Publications they understand the special needs that the oil and gas industry requires. If you would like to view some of the prime results achieved by oilbp.com – click here.

There are many companies claiming to have the secret to SEO PR success. We let our results speak for themselves. Our digital marketing efforts will enable your business to receive the brand recognition, lead generation and ROI that will ensure success.


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