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Why Oilbp

Oilbp Business Press specializes in oil and gas industry press and news releases.

Increase Exposure We provide news distribution through Google News, top rated newswire service, oilbp, 411oil, Oilfield Directory thousands of journalists and bloggers. We get your message out to a highly target market! Guaranteed prominent Google ranking!
Increase Sales Whether you are part of an organization or operate a small to large oil or gas business we have the know-how to help you increase your exposure by sending you quality leads so you can close more sales. 
Increase Publicity We have the tools and expertise to optimize your PR to appear prominently on Google news as well as sending it high ranking newswire services, journalists and bloggers is something that we excel at. Your PR is a top priority when you put it in our hands.  
Reduce Costs No other marketing tool can match the cost-effective reach of PR for your oil or gas business. Submitting search engine-friendly releases with Oilbp.com helps to ensure your content has staying power in the search engines.
Self Promotion

We know oil and gas companies are passionate about what theydo. Why not share your expertise and valuable information with your collegues. We welcome DIY (Do it Yourself) press release creation. Don't worry our professional editors will ensure quality results.

Report Stats Before the digital age PR was next to impossible to track. How many people actually viewed your print ad? Well it’s a good thing PRINT is DEAD because now we can have a truly measurable results the moment the PR is released. 

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