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Increase Publicity

Increase Publicity

Quickly Boost Marketing

Getting the word out is important for success. We can help you gain you promote your business in a cost effective way to maximize results of your marketing campaign.

Optimizing your PR to appear prominently on Google news as well as sending it high ranking newswire services, journalists and blogger is something that we excel at. Your PR is a top priority when you put it in our hands.  


Professional Reach

Oilbp directs your PR to other high ranking newswire services, journalists and bloggers. As well your PR is prominently featured on our mobile app for Android and Apple. In addition it will appear on oilfielddirectory.com and 411oil.com the most trusted sources for oil and gas company information.


A Subtle Pitch

PR allows you to dispense company news in a newsworthy way. No strong arm sales pitch to scare off customers and leads. When your information is picked up by other news sources it gives your information more credibility and a wider range for increased exposure.


Social Networking

Oilbp knows the special needs of the oil and gas industry. Our experience deal with the energy industry enables us to promote you to our thousands of subscribes on our extensive network such as 411oil.com and oilfielddirectory.com.  We also utilize the benefits of Facebook and twitter to get your word out.

Our past success is proof that we have what it takes to increase your leads, brand awareness and bottom line. If you would like more information about our premium press release packages - click here.


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