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Report Stats

Report Statistics

Measurable Results

Your PR has been release - but is it successful? How many people have read it? Has it been picked up by a journalist? How many people are sharing it on Twitter and Facebook. Has it got any Google+ results? We can share this information with you.

Track data  

Tracking Results

Before the digital age PR was next to impossible to track. How many people actually viewed your print ad? Well it’s a good thing PRINT is DEAD because now we can have a truly measurable results the moment the PR is released. 

analyze data  

Analyze the Data

You will want to ensure that your headline is grabbing the attention of your target audience. Our data can show you how often your headline is viewed and your release is read. You will learn which keywords are successful and which ones don’t. Analyzing the data is important for companies to learn how to be more effective when delivering their news. 

Oil and Gas Award  

Oilbp Delivers Success

We know that we are measured by your success. That is why we work very hard to ensure that your PR is search engine friendly so it receives the visibility that will give you measurable results. Working with oil and gas companies we understand your business needs and look forward to helping you to attain your business goals. 

Reporting features can be delivered daily, weekly or monthly according to your needs.


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